Yacht Management

NauticALL is an independent yacht services company with extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and integrity. We handle all our services in-house to ensure you, as the yacht owner, receive the best experience.

Yacht Administration

NauticALL works closely with the owner, captain, and crew to provide both on-board and shoreside logistical support. Our experienced team offers a range of essential administrative services, including:

  • Yacht Logistics
  • Yacht & Crew Insurance Bidding
  • Assistance with Obtaining Cruising Permits, Dockage & Bunkering, Crew Visas, and US Entry, Discharge Books and Endorsements

Financial Management

NauticALL offers paperless yacht accounting that owners, captains, and crew members all appreciate. Our award-winning software platform allows us to closely monitor budgets, expenditures, trends, spending habits and more, delivering monthly reports to ownership. Clients also have 24/7 viewing access to our full platform, for the highest level of financial transparency and accuracy.

Financial Management services include

  • Annual budget for owner approval
  • Monthly reports
  • Bank account(s) setup and daily transactions
  • Credit cards issuance for the crew
  • Worldwide captain’s cash provision
  • Payment approval process (by HOD, Captain & Yacht Manager)
  • Invoice/wire details verification

Safety & Compliance

NauticALL stays abreast of ever-changing maritime rules and regulations around the world. This allows us to provide advanced safety and compliance support regardless of flag, destination, or vessel type. 

To ensure that every vessel in our fleet meets the highest standards set out in our paperless ISM system, NauticALL performs semi-annual internal audits of every vessel. We also draft and cultivate a ship’s specific plans and manuals required by the relevant governing authorities.

Our ISM app is easy to use and features tracking on safety tasks, yacht certificates, and crew documents. Get in touch for a demo.

NauticALL’s 24/7 Emergency Response Center in Fort Lauderdale offers support as needed. A team of engineers, naval architects, salvors, and doctors are always ready to respond to any sort of emergency that may arise on board.


NauticALL oversees routine maintenance and contingency troubleshooting to ensure precise, swift, and effective solutions for technical issues. By supporting vessel engineers on a daily basis for both planned and unforeseen demands, we help ensure that on-board guests have the safest, most enjoyable experience possible.

NauticALL can further assist with:

  • Shipyard periods*
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Insurance liaison to mitigate risks
  • Identify critical equipment
  • Implement planned maintenance

*Shipyard periods not including refitting which falls under a separate services with a dedicated Project Manager assigned. 


NauticALL’s subsidiary dedicated employment company is located in Guerney. This provides an extra layer of protection for every owner offshore. We provide hassle-free employment and payroll practices for all on board crew.

  • HR support
  • Mental health consulting
  • Emergency liaison with crew NOK
  • Travel arrangements
  • Comparing and selecting health insurance
  • MLC approved Seafarer Employment Arrangements
  • Crew paperless platform with centralized info
  • Hours of rest included
  • Dedicated crew handbook

Furthermore, NauticALL optimizes the on-board experience by identifying and fulfilling any training needs, such as interior training or safety and technical training.