Yacht New Build & Refit

Leverage our extensive knowledge and strong relationships to navigate the complex process of building your new yacht or refitting an existing one. Our goal is to ensure that the entire experience is seamless, enjoyable, and stress-free, and upon delivery, your yacht will be nothing less than your initial vision.

New Yacht construction Management

At NauticALL, we support clients in building a new yacht as a trusted representative, bringing with us all the necessary personnel, experience, relationships, and insights. 

Our extensive global network of shipyards, yacht designers, maritime engineers, naval architects, maritime attorneys, and other professionals ensures that your project will always have the best players involved. Our team includes highly skilled architects, engineers, surveyors and project managers with extensive classification, shipyard, and yacht operational experience. 

Your senior new build manager will be your dedicated point of contact from the get-go to delivery day. She will guide you through each important decision, and personally oversee construction. Our meticulous process includes monitoring contractors’ performance, arranging all inspections, and dealing with flag, classification, and technical regulatory paperwork to make sure your yacht is delivered on time, on spec, and on budget. 

We also ensure that a smooth transition into operational service is guaranteed upon delivery. Our yacht management and crew services teams are seamlessly integrated into the project, advising and assisting with recruiting the right crew members at the right time, and ensuring that knowledge is effectively transferred to the crew.

New build services

  • Recommend and introduce yacht designers
  •  Run the bidding process with a shortlist of shipyards or simply help match your project with the right shipyard
  • Provide neutral advice on the impact of all design decisions
  • Review technical specifications and general arrangement plan/layout
  • Assemble your team to oversee the construction process with a dedicated contact person, a senior surveyor, and multiple specialists inspecting the project regularly
  • Represent your interests at the shipyard, supervising every aspect of the build from get-go to finish
  • Provide an interface/contact person for you, your team, and the shipyard
  • Perform build supervision inspections and create construction progress reports regularly
  • Prepare and keep the list of findings continuously updated
  • Check and manage change orders and construction progress for agreed contractual payments
  • Provide round-the-clock support from the Yacht Management  and Crew Recruitment teams
  • Advise on regulatory compliance
  • Guide you on operational setup
  • Assist with crewing, operations and any other administrative tasks
  • Ensure a smooth transition to operations by overseeing sea trials, delivery and acceptance protocols
  • Support with Owner Supply provisioning

Yacht Refit Project Management

Between buying a pre-owned vessel and building a new yacht lies a middle option: refitting. The advantage of refitting is personalizing a yacht without the time and expense of a new build. NauticALL can help you make your yacht more modern, more luxurious, more fun – or just more yours. From light remodeling to deep transformations with almost all new components, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Undertaking a refit project, regardless of its size, is a significant endeavor that requires careful attention. Our team of technical specialists is equipped to assess the condition of your yacht, establish a clear project scope and detailed specifications, and oversee the entire refit process, providing ongoing support to you, your captain, and crew, ensuring a smooth execution of the refit.

Yacht Refit Services

  • Establish a budget with a set worklist and priorities
  • Share our vast network of suppliers and technicians
  • Recommend and introduce yacht designers
  • Help match your project with the right shipyard
  • Provide neutral advice and comparisons on the impact of each yard
  • Run the bidding process with a shortlist of shipyards
  • Negotiate final pricing with your chosen shipyard
  • Assemble a team to oversee your refitting process
  • Supervise every aspect of the refit from start to finish
  • Issue regular update reports with overall insights into progress, decision-making, timeline, and budget
  • Provide final approvals or surveys for the refitted vessel’s seaworthiness
  • Assist with all troubleshooting and warranty issues

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