Surveys, Audits & Budgets

We offer a range of essential one-time services tailored to assist you in various aspects of yacht ownership and management. Whether you are a yacht owner or a prospective buyer ready to purchase your dream yacht, our team of experts is here to provide comprehensive support and professional advice on a short-term basis. 

Our flexible and customized solutions serve the unique needs of yacht owners and buyers. To gain insight into your needs at a single point in time, select a survey, audit, and/or annual budget service as outlined below.


Our experienced team conducts comprehensive technical surveys to evaluate the condition and potential of a yacht. No matter what information you require for decision making, we are here to assist you. Our professional, comprehensive assessments and objective reports are invaluable to owners, buyers, brokers, attorneys, and insurance underwriters.

  • Condition & Valuation Survey – Confirm the condition and valuation of your yacht before listing it for sale
  • Pre-Purchase Survey – Get as much information as possible about the condition of a yacht before purchasing it
  • New Construction Survey / Refit Survey – Receive an objective assessment of a yacht during the new build or refit process
  • Milestone Survey / Delivery and Acceptance Survey – Verify the achievement of a specific milestone (or delivery and acceptance) for a new yacht in construction

Annual Budget Preparation

It is often said that 10% of the yacht’s value should be expected for running costs. The truth is, however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating a yacht budget. 

We understand the importance of financial planning for yacht owners and buyers. When drafting your personalized budget, we focus on close communication and collaboration with your entire team. 

The annual budget produced for you by NauticALL will help you create realistic and effective financial plans, taking into account factors such as maintenance costs, repairs, and anticipated expenses, calculated specifically for your yacht program’s outlook. 

Your budget will be prepared by our in-house team of accountants, yacht managers, and crew recruiters, all with many years of personal experience in the yachting industry. 

If you need frequent monitoring of budget deviations, adjustment of estimates to your specific needs, and monthly performance reports, our Financial Management team who originally prepared your budget will be ready to support you. Our professional Charter Management team can also assist with offsetting some of your running costs by putting your beautiful yacht up for charter.


Our auditing services provide a thorough examination and review of yacht records that you wish to analyze and verify for accuracy, compliance, and transparency. You will also receive expert recommendations in each audit report. The scope of the audit and the team required can be customized to suit your specific needs.

  • Financial Audit – We will review your yacht’s financial statements and accounts
  • Safety & Compliance Audit – We will provide you with a comprehensive view of the safety, efficiency, and compliance of your yacht and its equipment
  • Security Audit – We will assess the security risks facing your yacht
  • Management Audit – We will audit your current management team to provide visibility concerning the choices they have made on your behalf

As an independent company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to operating with high integrity and an exclusive focus on industry best practice. In our audit reports, we provide recommendations that are most aligned with your yacht’s needs, regardless of any external factors.

You can then decide whether to follow the recommendations yourself or ask us to assist you with our various Yacht Management services.

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