Crew Services

A yacht is only as good as its crew.

A skilled and professional yacht crew ensures optimal yacht performance, reduces crew turnover rates, enhances your yachting experience, and ultimately contributes to the success and reputation of the yacht. At NauticALL, we offer full support and guidance to ensure that the crew working on board are always the best fit to your program and never a problem for you. First, we match open positions with carefully vetted talent to build effective and harmonious onboard teams. Then, we take our turnkey experience one step further with comprehensive crew management. This way, you have the pleasure of interacting with your crew, while we handle their requests, as well as any conflicts or issues that arise.

Crew Recruitment

NauticALL’s in-house crewing agents can source and recruit candidates for all on-board roles. Find the perfect captain, chef or stew for your program with less time and effort.

Our MLC-certified recruiting process includes comprehensive vetting, authenticity confirmation with authorities, skills/certificates verification, reference checking, and, for heads of departments, international background checking. We match up the right professionals, roles, and vessels for optimal performance and crew longevity. With one of the industry’s most thorough vetting processes, we pride ourselves on offering our clients only the most responsible, reliable, and professional crew members on the water. And if something is not working, all crew placements carry a 90-day replacement warranty.

Crew Management

NauticALL provides hassle-free employment, payroll practices, and administration support for all onboard crew. We provide crew employment via a dedicated subsidiary employment company located in Guernsey. Our Fort Lauderdale-based crew management staff are here to assist you in delivering an excellent experience for your guests while building your career and attending to your self-care. Feel free to stop by our offices when you are in Ft. Lauderdale to meet our crew recruiters and managers.

NauticALL crew management services include:

  • MLC-certified Seafarer Employment Arrangements (with annual endorsements)
  • Seamless payroll in your preferred currency
  • Crew paperless platform with centralized info
  • Hours of rest tracking app
  • Dedicated crew handbook
  • Travel arrangements
  • HR support
  • Mental health consulting
  • Health insurance plan consulting
  • Emergency liaison with crew next of kin
  • On demand safety and technical training

Crew Portal

Crew members can sign in/register to upload their documents, view job openings, and update their information.

Yachting Careers

Working on a yacht is more than a job. It’s a calling. And there’s nothing else like it.

A career at sea requires significant mental and physical stamina, a flexible attitude, and a passion for excellence.

Those who rise to the challenge are rewarded with unforgettable experiences and life-changing relationships.

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